JULY 5TH, 2022

OCTOBER 12TH, 2021

Good morning, good afternoon! WERE MOVING ON. Around this time last year, Beaumont was launched in a group fashion show in downtown Houston. Immediately after the presentation, I began conceptualizing of what would be shown next season. Thinking of a new collection while selling one you just released to the public is challenging and somewhat stressful. BUT, I love how much it consumes my time and energy. In the past, i’d release collections of clothing and move on without taking the time to explain my intentions. This prevented my audience to buy and/or engage, maybe - maybe not? These same collections were themed from ideas that lacked correlation. Beaumont was the complete opposite in-which taught me how to communicate my mind as that’s been a struggle in the past. The collection was released last winter but sold through this years spring/summer. A direct to consumer operation on our own calendar until the brand is big enough otherwise.

Through out the covid lockdown (Winter 2020), I was watching fashion documentaries aimed towards my favorite designers. I started with Martin margiela with “We Margiela” followed by “Margiela in his own words.” What i’m going to state is my opinion and interpretation of the films. Margiela is an artist! His mind works to make wearable art. It was quite shocking learning the horrible reviews he received during his Hermés years. What was even more shocking was discovering how much of an asshole he was towards his team. He seemed to not like the aspect of owning a fashion business in which may have caused the brand to sell to Diesel Jeans in 2008 (mind you that Kanye got to Margiela for his Yeezus tour way after that). Afterwards I was sent a Issey Miyake doc from the early 2000s. What I find to still be inspiring about Issey is the brand didn’t go global until he was 50. I have a long way to go and learn.

Yearning for more inspiration, I decided to study art and furniture history. For starters, Charles and Ray Eames became favorites of mine. What intrigued me the most is the journey it took them from designing chairs for Herman miller to giving IBM advertisement ideas to launch the first computer! For weeks I remember going from one subject to the next between architects, painters, sculpture artist filling my mind with fresh knowledge. Looking back at it, I wanted more design heroes beyond fashion. The abstract expressionist movement is a personal top art movement I study often. That and The Bauhaus gave my “why” a better understanding. I couldn’t tell people, “I like how this photo looks on Tumblr” anymore, I wanted to know more history. I needed to understand why I gravitated towards abstract and contemporary design subjects vs other aesthetics. Out of the irascible 18 coming out New York City in the 50/60s - Kooning, Pollock and Rothko have been favorites. I repeat, still a lot to learn!


I believe what started my design internship early on was my nana being a florist. She owned a shop / living space between Blodgett & Almeda that my mom and I lived in as well. The arrangements of colors and textures put together permitted me to see design from a different perspective. John Biggers drawings she collected and hung around the house was a silent intro to fine art as i’ve recently discovered him to be known nation wide. Spending most of my childhood delivering floral arrangements within the Houston area, I’d pass the museum of fine arts all of time. Quite frankly I rarely cared to take visiting serious until recently.

Taking the time to learn more about art history as well as my families history, catapults what I want to communicate through Richardandgrace. It takes time to know yourself! I believe my nana’s mark in the community has given me a destiny to fulfill. It may not be me selling flowers, but the legacy continues through art and design!

Untitled 2021/22

Our first solo fashion presentation will be showcased at Sanman Studios Nov 4th. Selected items from the new collection and inventory from our website available for purchase. 80% of main-line items shown are made to order. Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9 sharp! Ages 18+ recommended and they’ll probably be an after party ;D

Open bar served for the first hour serving Cacti hard seltzer to 21+

(Must show ID to consume alcohol)


MARCH 28TH, 2021

YERRRR - I’m back with newsletter number 2!!! Still getting used to this updating my life beyond social medias so bare with me lol I hope the last email was insightful as this bad boy will serve as an update, we’ll get to my Bruce Wayne story soon.

WE’RE STILL IN BEAUMONT. As a brand owner, I’m in the process of building a flow towards showing a collection and then releasing items from that body of work through out the year. This is traditionally how collections are sold, from runway to the racks!

Beaumont Part 2 is a roll out of the concept itself diving more in depth between the story and product availability. Since Richardandgrace isn’t carried in stores YET, pop ups for the collection “Beaumont” will continue to happen until the end of the summer. This will give everyone a chance to shop from the collection and also learn the history behind the concept.


On April 24th (Sat) from 12pm-6pm, Join us at The Tipping Point store to shop product that was shown on the runway including new exclusive items. Spiked seltzer provided by CACI and BABE will be available from 12-3pm with free giveaways to those with the best sneakers.

(21+ to consume alcohol)

*All ages welcome * Please wear mask*

(Pop up installation located in the back lobby of venue)



Feb 26, 2021
 Greetings, how do you do ladies and gents! My name is Joshua Allen Springer if you didn’t know before. I tried this newsletter thing once when people were like “ahhh Josh you need to make a newsletter” but to be honest, I am not an English major!!! So when you read these newsletters do not expect the best writing lol I’ve also been way too obsessed with the idea that I can be anonymous hence why the newsletters before were told by “Richard.” Lmaooo RICHARD????? We’re going to dead that and move on. I want to be more transparent and unveil this mystery that I was honestly fooling myself with. For this first newsletter, I am not going to give you another Bruce Wayne beginner story as that time will come soon. I’d like to share the latest embodiment of self appreciation.

Last year was insane. 2020 went from me traveling to Paris for fashion week, to moving back to Houston because of covid. It was not apart of my 5 year plan needles to say. After “Richardandgrace Green” (2019) I took a break from releasing any clothing and just stuck with dropping the pearl necklaces. My plans for 2020 were to come out of my micro hiatus and drop capsules again. When I moved back to Houston last march, I started that journey by releasing product from home.

R&G x Guapo P1 collab (2020) - Modeled by Tomy Grein | Shot by Josh Allen

During the summer, I was asked to participate in a group fashion show in Houston, Tx by “HauteHouston”. I got to work by thinking of how I could connect my world from living in NY for the last two years to my home town. Beaumont immediately came to mind. To tell my history that ties to current pop cultural elements is a blessing I will forever cherish.

Beaumont P2
So where do we go from here? After all of the years of designing, putting out capsules etc etc I have never dug this deep into anything I’ve dropped. I’d like to give a shout out on this newsletter to Mathew Pecina (@studio.guapo) as he’s been a great mentor for guiding me how to be honest with what I’m giving people. To me this is Richardandgrace’s first collection. The runway show had items that were see now buy now and others were meant to be dropped later on. Beaumont P2 will release the remaining items that were planned. Hoodies are now available to purchase.

Modeled by Kene Chukwu / Shot by Tommy Flanagan